Donald Trump’s Pakistan

The whole world is angry at how Trump is treating Muslims. How in the name of security Muslims and certain races are being detained, banned and unfairly treated. How wrong is it that because of some people you can’t target a whole religion or a whole country. We all are angry and quite frankly disgusted with what Donald Trump has done to the world.

But sadly we are hypocrites!

The same thing has been in happening in Pakistan. Sadly now, it has taken an even greater turn. In the name of security we are racially profiling Pathans and Pakhtoons. By checking people from certain ethnicities and by demanding documents from only certain ethnicities we are promoting the same hate that Donald Trump promotes against Muslims in America.

This is not the way to make Pakistan more secure. Specially when 1/4th of our population is Pathan. This is not the first time we are discriminating in our history. We did it with the Bengalis. We didn’t let them use their language. We didn’t give them their share of seats as per their population. We spent the money they generated on us. Look at where that led us.

I am getting messages and reports of increased racial profiling and racist policy from our state in the name of security. People are hurt. They are hating Pakistan. Any country that would discriminate on the basis of your race will produce the same affect. So my question is why is our state inherently making us more insecure and inherently destroying our social cohesion and fabric.

Racism and racial targeting in the name of security is never justified and it history teaches us that it never leads to anything good! So I urge you to not let Pakistan be Donald Trump’s Pakistan!

It has been beautiful how so many in America have stood up to racism and so should we!

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